Englische Schauwellensittiche - Daniel Lütolf

Daniel Lütolf
Zelglistrasse 7
CH-5436 Würenlos
+41(0)56 424 24 27
+41(0)79 705 49 08

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The way to Daniel Lütolf / Plan
From direction Zurich
-take National Highway A1, direction Berne (note: the Highways are signalled green in Switzerland, main roads have blue signs)
-take Highway exit „Dietikon/Spreitenbach“
-Afterwards turn left in direction „Oetwil an der Limmat“
-You will reach a big roundabout, here you take the third exit in direction „Baden“
-follow the main Road for about 2 km
-now you will reach the town of Würenlos
-at the next roundabout inside town you take third exit left into the „Buechzelglistrasse“
-follow Buechzelglistrasse for 300 m (watch out: Speed limit of 30 km/h!)
-at the next crossroad take the right road
-follow this road for about 1 km; you will drive through a small forest
-just at the end of the forest turn left into the first road
-now you reached the Tannwiesenweg
-after about 80 m you will arrive at Daniel Lütolfs House where you can see a big Budgie Poster at the garage at your right hand side. Find a parking lot on your left.



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